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BrownIT Corporation offers a variety of services, each staffed with highly qualified, experienced professionals and leaders in information technology. We’re here to provide the IT support you need, where you need it and when you need it. Whether you need help with application development, Quality Assurance & Testing, enterprise integration, database administration, or if you just need the right IT people to make it all work, BrownIT can step in and provide the solutions that you need.

Database Administration

BrownIT maximizes enterprise data systems with dynamic, flexible and cost-effective solutions for mission-critical activities. Through careful design, administration, monitoring, tuning and SQL coding techniques, we are able to enhance performance and improve efficiency in any database environment. From large-scale, existing federal databases to smaller, project-based systems, our experienced DAs and DBAs develop and support numerous relational databases including DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase. Areas of expertise include:

  • Database Design, Development and Management
  • Data Modeling and Architecture
  • Performance Tuning and Query Optimization
  • Capacity Planning
  • Database Conversions
  • Backup, Restoration and Disaster Recovery
  • Troubleshooting and Technical Support
  • Reporting, Testing and Evaluation

Federal Government Application Services

BrownIT helps government decision makers leverage their existing information assets with application services designed to meet specific government requirements. Our extensive knowledge of both open and proprietary systems, and hardware platforms including SUN Solaris, IBM zSeries, Microsoft/Intel, HP-UX, IBM AIX, enables us to ensure data compatibility, 508 compliance and system functionality throughout the legacy enablement process. We are experienced in teaming with proven IT partners to assure success for complex projects.

From conceptualization through design, development, testing and support, we adhere to the highest methodology standards. In fact, in 2008 BrownIT was appraised by SEI at CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 2. BrownIT specializes in the following areas:


With strong capabilities across the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and CMMI standards, BrownIT works to enhance productivity and assure compliance in dynamic regulatory and user environments. Among the many technologies we support are Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), mainframe environments like Assembler Language, COBOL, CICS transaction services and MQ series products and programs. Areas of expertise include:

  • System Integration
  • Legacy System Maintenance
  • Multi-tier Applications
  • Database Conversions


BrownIT utilizes Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) to extend and protect legacy investments while helping clients achieve greater business agility and interoperability. Our experts can analyze mission requirements, plan appropriate system architecture, design software and program specifications, implement user applications and perform comprehensive validation and verification testing. Areas of expertise include:

  • Software Development
  • System Integration
  • Multi-tier applications
  • Database Conversions
  • Legacy System Modernization
  • Total System Development


BrownIT helps clients maintain legacy systems in a production environment with proactive troubleshooting and analysis. Once problems are identified, we provide the necessary technical support 24x7 including holidays. In addition to monitoring production activities, we provide all of the necessary reports and metrics to measure performance, as well as perform data backup and disaster recovery. Areas of expertise include:

  • Large Government Processing Environments
  • Production operations
  • Process scheduling
  • System monitoring
  • Problem reporting and tracking
  • Helpdesk

Project Management

BrownIT has the expertise and infrastructure necessary to provide comprehensive management services for projects of every size and complexity. With a history of successful teaming relationships, we are accustomed to achieving synergies on a broad range of activities including requirements analysis, documentation, service level agreements, performance metrics, software development, testing and daily, weekly and monthly reporting. From general program expertise to task order management, we help our clients meet their strategic goals and mission objectives. Areas of expertise include:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Writing and System Documentation

Web Development

BrownIT helps clients create end-to-end web services and realize the benefits of delivering mission-critical applications across distributed processing environments. Our professionals expertly navigate the complexities of diverse application architectures, industry standards and languages to enable interoperability. Depending upon the user requirements, we employ a variety of industry-leading technologies to link independent applications and databases with user-friendly interfaces for streamlined web based operations. Areas of expertise include:

  • HTML
  • JAVAScript
  • XMP
  • IBM WebSphere MQ

System Engineering

BrownIT specializes in defining and interpreting high-level organizational requirements and translating them into customer-oriented enterprise systems through Business Process Modeling (BPM). Our systems engineers provide detailed designs accommodating change management programs and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), integrating various components to improve quality, integrity and efficiency. We are experienced in identifying potential security exposures and vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for enhancing security environments. Among the service we provide are:

  • Strategic Planning and Concept Development
  • Change Management
  • Architecture and Technology Migration
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • DASD Management
  • Security Planning
  • Information Assurance and Security

IT Staffing and Outsourcing

Federal program managers and decision makers count on BrownIT to manage critical IT systems and find and hire technical professionals of the highest caliber. We understand the unique demands of government environments and can quickly supply people with the right clearances and certifications to support a diverse range of mission requirements. This enables our clients to quickly respond to changing initiatives without the headaches or expense typically associated with new ramp-ups. Short term, long term or permanent; Microsoft, Micromedia or Oracle, we have access to experts from management to routine technical support in areas including:

  • Web Technologies
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Client/Server Database
  • Application Integration
  • Mainframe
  • Project Program Management

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