K3 Strategic DevlopmentBrownIT engages with K3 Strategic Development Group to Assess Corporate Structure and Develop a Long-Term Growth Strategy

BrownIT Corporation, an information technology consulting firm in the healthcare industry, has engaged K3 Strategic Development Group for the purposes of developing and implementing a comprehensive growth strategy. This endeavor is meant to fundamentally transform and enhance BrownIT’s corporate foundation to accommodate for an aggressive capital structuring and acquisition efforts.

The basis for this relationship was substantiated on the past experiences of the K3 team and current market position of BrownIT. Because of BrownIT’s long history in the federal government market and motivation to take their company on an aggressive upward path, K3 was an easy decision based on their expertise of corporate finance ventures coupled with an intimate knowledge of the government contracting community.

Tom Kurk, CEO of K3 said, “We are very excited to be working with BrownIT on multiple fronts and are encouraged by the receptiveness of investors as well as acquisition candidates.”


Like strategic building blocks; the short-term goal of BrownIT is to aggressively secure a strong capitalized foundation, align several synergistic acquisitions, engage in a creative social media and perception management campaign, and add several highly effective business development components to establish long-term revenue sustainment. So far, all of these “building blocks” are aligning in superior fashion and actually creating even higher expectations than initially projected.


Even at the beginning stages of introductions, investors and other key advisors have been highly impressed with BrownIT as a company and the overarching aspiration to become a market leader. The underlying value of BrownIT is that the company has been established for years, carries no debt, and has a primary customer base within a market that offers long-term, high-dollar contracts. Revenue sustainability is often the most challenging aspect of a company's growth structure, however in the case of BrownIT, this piece is highlighted as a significant benefit.

“Unbeknownst to Wall Street and most of the government contracting community is the fact that companies like BrownIT hold incredible value and are in the most ideal situation for corporate expansion,” said Tom Kurk. “When you combine that with Mark Brown’s eagerness and entrepreneurial spirit, you have the recipe for a highly dynamic platform for growth.”

Through decades of experience and acumen of developing strong relationships with numerous highly effective and/or strategic organizations, K3 has been able to map out the overall vision as well as bring several ancillary functions to BrownIT’s growth plan. This includes introductions of reputable members for BrownIT’s Board of Advisors and Board of Directors, branding and marketing services, and even accounting capabilities.

In this foundational process Mark Brown, CEO of BrownIT, said, “K3 has orchestrated numerous components of our company's growth plan and has provided easily interpreted goals and recommendations that are in line with BrownIT's long-term vision.”

Everything considered, BrownIT is taking all the necessary steps for aggressive corporate advancement and is poised to become a significant force in the market.


About BrownIT
Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, BrownIT Corporation was founded in 1999 by Mr. Mark Brown and Ms. Vicki Brown. The Company operates as an IT service provider that designs, builds, and supports large, mission-critical applications, databases, and networks. Over the past decade, BrownIT has become a well-respected IT staffing and consulting firm in the government market.   It provides a variety of services, including software development, data administration, and testing to a variety of government agencies.  BrownIT’s involvement with the federal government will continue to be the backbone of revenue generation. For more information, please visit www.brownit.com.


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