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BrownIT, a wholly owned subsidiary of BrownIT Holdings Corporation, is a provider of information technology solutions to the Federal government healthcare sector in the United States. BrownIT offers configuration management and quality assurance, data mining and analytics, system implementation, independent verification and validation testing, database administration, requirements generation and analysis, software development, and professional technical support services.


BrownIT was founded in 1999 on the belief that we could deliver the right IT solution on time and better than anyone else. That, combined with our competitive nature, is one of our core values that continue to successfully build our company today.


BrownIT has offices in both Hanover, Pennsylvania and Owings Mills, Maryland. We employ highly qualified, skilled professionals who provide the resources and depth necessary to meet normal customer demands, yet because of our size, we can provide clients with more personal attention, resulting in greater flexibility and better service than our larger competitors.


“At BrownIT, we measure our success by the meaningful contributions we make to our customers, the industry and our employees.”

— Mark Brown, president, BrownIT





Corporate Officer
Mark Brown — Chief Executive Officer





BrownIT is a member of the following organizations


ACG Maryland


DeVry Univsersity Engineering and Information Sciences  


DeVry Alumni Assoc.